Thursday, October 2, 2014

Charles-Hubert Paris Watches

Charles-Hubert Paris is best know for their pocket watches, 3928-OB

I’m a big fan of Charles-Hubert Paris watches. They are a company founded in 1990 in Southern California. They make attractive, affordable watches with a lifetime warranty. There are very few companies that offer a lifetime warranty on anything; on watches it is unheard of to have such good customer service.


My favorite wrist watch, Charles-Hubert Paris 6809-W
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What I like about Charles-Hubert Paris is the style. There are many styles of watches from classic to retro to innovative. I have a classic bracelet style watch with Roman numerals that I use every day. It has a quartz movement so it is super accurate. There are other styles available from gold plated to skeleton dials with automatic movements and classic dials with leather wrist straps. They make a large variety of watches.


While wrist watches are fairly common when you go to a jewelry store and most have a wide selection, Charles-Hubert Paris has the added benefit of offering a large selection of pocket watches. Pocket watches are super cool and are becoming very popular with the fashionable man. Believe it or not, it is not always easy to find a good selection of pocket watches. I’ve been to many jewelry stores and found only one or two and they were used.


While some people collect antique pocket watches it’s nice to know that there is a company out there who are still manufacturing new high quality pocket watches for use by the general public. I love the attractive styles, beautiful workmanship and of course, the fact that it is new with a lifetime warranty. So as the holidays approach, think about giving the gift of time with a Charles-Hubert Paris watch.
Charles-Hubert Paris 3816, makes a classic gift