Friday, September 19, 2014

The T-shirt Necklace

Add some interest to a plain white t-shirt with a necklace or two

Probably one of the most ubiquitous wardrobe pieces is the plain white t-shirt. For many men and women it is the go to shirt for a casual outfit or even an evening out on the town. Tons of articles have been written about the white t-shirt, from which company makes the best ones to how it became so engrained in American culture. The white t-shirt is here to stay. So how does one dress it up?


Earth Gems add an organic flair to a white t-shirt
One of the easiest ways to make a plain white t-shirt a little dressier is to add jewelry. You can go with something earthy or organic. Drusy, granite, natural stone in various shapes all convey a naturalist style. Another option is edgy. Stainless steel chains, spiked necklaces or pendants with skeletons or crosses all look great with a t-shirt and a leather moto jacket. You don’t necessarily have to keep it simple with a t-shirt; it’s a blank canvas that shows off jewelry to advantage.


Go edgy with a thick stainless steel chain necklace $99
In order to make a piece of jewelry look its best on a white t-shirt remember to keep proportion in mind. You want to find the “balance point” on your torso. This is the point where a necklace looks its best because the proportion is correct. Measure from you hairline to the bottom of your chin, your necklace should fall an equal distance from your chin to your torso. It doesn’t have to be exact. This balance point elongates your torso giving you the most flattering look.


Lower cut tops look great with shorter necklaces
Another consideration when picking a necklace is the neckline. When wearing a very low neckline or a high crew neckline you want to break up these long expanses. Choosing a necklace that is half the distance of your balance point will create just enough interest to break up the expanse of skin or t-shirt. So the next time you put on a plain white t-shirt and want to make things more interesting, add a necklace, it’s sure to dress things up.
You can break up a large expanse of skin with a multiple strand necklace

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