Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One of a Kind Jewelry

The cut of this ametrine stone makes this one of a kind, Michael Schofield Ametrine Pendant

What is one of a kind jewelry? Is it jewelry that is made especially for one person? We can consider engagement rings for celebrities that are designed and made just for them. No other pieces will be made; it isn’t a design that will be duplicated by the designer. So this can mean one of kind jewelry. There are also other ways to get one of kind jewelry and sometimes it has to do with material.


Handcrafted pure silver necklace, Michael Schofield Silver & Coral Necklace
Occasionally, natural gemstones are found that can be considered one of a kind. The size, color, clarity and other attributes make it either rare or just unique. We see these articles all the time. The largest pink diamond in the world, the largest chunk of gold, the only know diamond or gemstone of a particular color. The reason they are one of a kind is because of nature. The conditions were just right to make a spectacular gemstone of enormous size.


You can customize these earrings with chocolate diamonds or white diamonds
Not all gemstones that are unique are huge or unusually colored. Sometimes a natural gemstone is unique because of its natural coloration. Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine. While the gemstone is forming the two different color stones blend or merge. They create a unique color combination that becomes one of kind when the stone is cut. Bi-tonal stones are almost impossible to duplicate due to the cutting process.


Available in onyx, blue topaz or maybe amethyst
Another aspect of one of a kind jewelry is the pieces that are handcrafted. Each piece will be slightly distinctive based on the way it was made; handcrafted items usually have slight variations in each piece. The real joy is finding that one of a kind piece of jewelry and not breaking the bank. So go out there and look for usual gemstones, handcrafted items or something that can be changed to fit your personality or tastes. One of a kind does exist and can be had for ordinary people for amazing prices.

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