Friday, September 12, 2014

Miley Cyrus Jewelry

Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Scott NYFW

Okay, now I can say that I’ve seen it all, Miley Cyrus debuted her jewelry line at Jeremy Scott’s runway show during New York Fashion Week. Apparently she is tentatively calling the line “Dirty Hippie” but I think a more appropriate name would be either “Cheap Plastic Bauble” or “Really Bad Acid Trip.” After seeing some of the pieces I have a hard time figuring out why Miley Cyrus is considered relevant.


Some of the models at the show
Most of the pieces are in a rainbow of colors, I’m sure this will appeal to all those “tweens” she markets to, and of course anyone who still thinks they’re thirteen. Not only are these jewelry pieces bright, they are made of plastic and fuzzy things. They feature plastic beads, block letters and puffy pompoms. Be prepared for lots of teddy bears, fuzzy centered daisies and a multitude of gumball machine rings.


You would think this is what you would find in the school backpack of an 11 year old girl, but no, it's Miley's jewelry
Basically this jewelry line reminds me of the goofy crap you give out at a little girl’s birthday party. It would be perfect for a goody bag. While I’m probably being a cranky old woman for dissing on Miley Cyrus who is obviously the poster girl for fun, flirty and carefree, I think her jewelry line has been done before by a factory in China who make plastic products. Basically, her jewelry line is neither original nor attractive. She even professes to get her material for her "handcrafted" jewelry at the local Dollar Store.


Puffy pompoms and daisy ring, I think the liver spots clash with the plastic jewelry
My only hope is that these pieces will be sold very cheap so at least the hapless Moms and Dads who have Miley Cyrus crazed tweens will be able to afford these little wearable eyesores. It’s kind of a shame that Miley Cyrus is getting so much attention for her psychedelic nightmarish monstrosities when there are so many other designers worthy of attention for beautifully crafted jewelry. I guess art is in the eye of the beholder and a mask made of fuzzy miniature teddy bears and a wig of friendships bracelets is considered art nowadays.
Art is truly in the eye of the beholder, I think this mask might make it hard to breath

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