Thursday, September 11, 2014

Loving Some Chunky Jewelry

Classic statement large link necklace, Gabrielle Bruni Regina Collection Link Necklace

Chunky jewelry makes a statement; it says “Look at me!” While this might not always be the statement you want to make, at certain times it is appropriate. Generally speaking a piece of chunky jewelry is a large chain choker, wide cuffs or anything that has huge stones or a lot of bulk behind it, think of a heavy chain necklace.


Or maybe one chunky bangle, Gabrielle Bruni Regina Collection Bangle
These chunky jewelry pieces are great because they make a big statement without a lot of pieces. That chunky choker looks great with a simple little black dress. A flirty white sundress only needs one wide cuff or a large cocktail ring to look pulled together. That fisherman sweater, jeans and cute leather booties look finished with some large earrings, no other jewelry required.


Dazzle them with a pair of Rock Crystal Earrings 30.9 carats
Statement pieces do just that, make a statement all on their own. They don’t need a supporting cast or a bunch of accessories to hold them up. They are the star of the show and should be treated that way. Make that chunky piece of jewelry the center of attention; make it stand out as the focus of your outfit. Keep everything else simple so that piece of jewelry can really shine.


Letting a large piece of jewelry stand out on its own really isn’t that hard. They generally can impress in a simple setting. This is why you’ll never see large jewelry pieces photographed or shown on anything but a plain background. They don’t need a lot of bells or whistles to be noticed. So the next time you think your outfit might be leaning towards bland, add something large and bold to the mix, that’s why I love chunky jewelry, it’s easy.

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