Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jewelry Stores Hide Their Price Tags

Had someone order these in 18K gold and diamonds, Gabrielle Bruni GAL1133

My husband sent me a little blip on how jewelry stores hide their price tags. The reasoning behind this lack of tags was to promote discussion. The jewelry store believes that if you see the price tag and view the price as too high, you will simply walk out of the store without discussing price or even the possibility of negotiation. I don’t believe this is true.


She also order a matching necklace, Gabrielle Bruni GAL1134

If most or all of your jewelry is astronomically priced and your customers retreat like they’ve just been introduced to the devil, then maybe your store is located in an area where your jewelry is out of reach for the local consumer. Jewelry stores draw customers from the local area and those looking for a particular brand you may carry. To assume that the price tag along is what is scaring your customers away is silly.


I negotiated for days and the customer didn't buy, I guess she just didn't want it unless I was giving it away for free, Gabrielle Bruni GAL0890-WY
Customers come to your jewelry store to look at jewelry. I’ve been to many stores that after a quick look around I don’t see anything of interest. This is when I leave. I’m not going to hang out and engage in a fruitless discussion about pricing for jewelry I simply will not want to wear. Now on the other hand, if I see a piece of jewelry I love I will want to see it closer and to know the price. It’s free to try it on.


Some pieces are reasonably priced, Gabrielle Bruni GAL2255
Wanting jewelry and knowing the pricing are simply two different things. If you want something bad enough or have been making plans to buy a particular piece you will stay to try it on and make sure it is what you want. Then you will either negotiate for the price or try and figure something out on credit. High priced jewelry is just sometimes unobtainable for some customers but it shouldn’t chase them out of the store. Take my word for it, something else is making them leave, and it’s not a price tag.
Some pieces are too pretty to resist, Gabrielle Bruni GAL2542-BT

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