Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Are Diamonds Rare?

A diamond engagement ring must have matching diamonds

There is a YouTube video in circulation, I believe created by a disgruntled suitor that explains how diamonds are not rare. He goes on to say that diamonds are a commodity like any other but controlled by monopolistic companies that hoard them. They only let a certain number of diamonds out into the world each year in order to control the demand. This guy probably believes the CIA killed Kennedy.


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Now I’m not saying that these companies that own the diamond mines don’t have a stash in some vault somewhere, I’m just saying there probably is a good reason. I’m sure that there are great variations in the diamonds pulled from a mine each day. Not all the diamonds are of good quality. A diamond that would go into an engagement ring needs to be a certain size, color and clarity in order to make the grade. Not all diamonds come out of the mine ready to be slapped into a setting.


Even though the diamonds are small they match, David Yurman Chelsea Watch
A good quality diamond or diamonds that are used for jewelry have to have some commonality. Even a ring that is pave must have diamonds of the same color and clarity. You wouldn’t tile a floor with tiles from different batches; there would be color variations that are unattractive. Yet there are people who think all diamonds are the same. They believe that a diamond is a diamond and that it is all a grand conspiracy cooked up by the diamond companies.


Pave Diamond Pendant, small but beautiful
Now I’m not saying that there isn’t a lot of overpriced jewelry on the market. Let’s face it; a pair of Chanel earrings gets a much larger price simply based on the brand than an unknown brand with similar quality, weight and size. So basically this guy misses the point. Yes there are a lot of diamonds out there, but a diamond is rare not based on quantity alone and just because the girl he was trying to woo wanted a big expensive diamond isn’t the diamond companies fault, he just picked a girl with expensive taste.
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