Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Affordable Gold


Gold is one of those metals that is experiencing a bit of costliness for consumers. Actually gold has been costly for quite some time now. Many people love the look of gold and how it makes them feel. Gold has a connotation about it; it exudes “money.” When people wear gold not only do they look good they feel rich. One of the biggest problems is gold is currently at $1250.00 an ounce.


Many of the gold vermeil and pure silver bangles on my website are anywhere from around 2 ounces to 3 ounces. That would make a bangle somewhere in the market of $2500 to $3750 for the cost of pure gold. This doesn’t include the actual labor of turning said gold into a piece of jewelry and we all know the jewelry manufacturer would like to make a little money too.


This is why a pure silver bracelet or gold vermeil is so much more affordable then a 14K to 18K solid jewelry piece. There is absolutely nothing wrong with gold vermeil or pure silver jewelry. Gold vermeil gives the look of gold, because it is gold, but at a fraction of the cost. Do not confuse gold vermeil with gold plate. To create gold vermeil, you must cover sterling silver or pure silver with a layer of gold at least 10K and 1.5 microns thick.


I just think these are pretty
Gold vermeil is at least 50 times thicker than gold plate so it will wear like solid gold. Additionally, gold vermeil is usually covering sterling silver or pure silver. Gold plate can sometimes have a core of copper or nickel under that thin layer of gold. So if you’re looking for jewelry with the look and feel of gold, consider gold vermeil, it meets all your gold jewelry requirements at a fraction of the cost.

Sterling silver and a two carat amethyst, very affordable

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