Monday, August 18, 2014

What is Normcore?

Normcore, simple, plain, comfortable

This is the catchphrase of the week. Apparently it is a fashion statement, or really a fashion non-statement. Some would say it is dressing comfortably without any pretentiousness, others will say it is a minimalist style; still some will say it is dressing to fit in. Supposedly you dress to fit in so then you will stand out…huh? From the pictures I’ve seen it appears to be either dressing like a 90s grunge or dressing like a minimalist, I’m going with minimalist.


Wear these onyx earrings with a black turtleneck
Some people say that Steve Jobs from Apple was a Normcore dresser. His uniform consisted of jeans and a black turtleneck sweater. He found his style and pretty much it stuck. It is a very minimalist style. Simple clean lines, basic classic pieces, not a whole lot of fuss or bling, this style doesn’t necessarily mesh with my love of jewelry. I like the idea of minimalism and I do like the idea of keeping things clean and simple, but you need to add just a little shine.


Normcore on the runway
In keeping with the Normcore idea of minimalism, a simple wardrobe of blazers, turtlenecks or t-shirts and jeans goes well as a blank canvas to wear jewelry. Keeping things simple doesn’t mean the absence of jewelry it just requires jewelry that follows cleans lines in order to keep the outfit balanced. A classic black blazer, worn with jeans and a t-shirt looks great with bold yet contemporary earrings or maybe a pendant, but not both. You can add a menswear style watch for interest. Do not wear pave jewelry or super long dangles or anything else that screams Kardashian.


This style of dress can look masculine so you would want some jewelry to dress it up and make it more feminine. Delicate rings on your fingers or stacked together turns sweatpants from something frumpy into something casual. Add a black leather moto jacket and a metal studded bracelet and it looks intentionally styled, not like you just got out of bed or came home from the gym. There is a fine line between Normcore fashions and looking like a homeless bum, please add some stylish jewelry so people won’t drop coins in your coffee cup.
Adidas sweatpants with little gold rings, cute

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