Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stephen Webster Jewelry

Stephen Webster Magnipheasant, $90,000

I saw a necklace made up of 128 gemstones in gradient colors and it was such a beautiful rainbow of gemstones I fell in love. Unfortunately, it cost around $90,000 and was completely out of my budget. While the price might be prohibitive, I still loved the look of this Stephen Webster marquise cut gemstone collar. It really was a creative piece of jewelry.


Stephen Webster, beautiful butterflies in gemstone earrings
This beautiful necklace got me into researching Stephen Webster and his creations. He is from London England and has been developing his style for 38 years. Many of his pieces mimic nature, or at least those are the ones I am most interest in seeing. The 128 gemstone necklace is from his Magnipheasant Collection because the marquise cut gemstones mimic the feathers of the local pheasants.


Stephen Webster, cuff ring and matching earrings
Stephen Webster also mimics butterflies in finely pave gemstones. Using the same technique of matching colored gemstones he creates a beautiful rainbow effect. The colors are so lovely it appears as if the wings of a butterfly have been gem encrusted and when it takes flight it will sparkle and shine as it flutters away. He captures the feel of a real butterfly perfectly and adds that additional energy.


Stephen Webster, Aquarius pendant
Stephen Webster is quite popular with the rich and famous. His jewelry pieces are worn by Jennifer Lopez and Pink. It is easy to see why, as his style is both traditional and whimsical. He has pieces that resemble Art Deco while incorporating the feeling of flowers and wildlife. Jewelry is really art, art that we can wear and enjoy. It’s fun to explore the jewelry world; you never know what you will find.
My favorite, Crystal Haze ring

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