Friday, August 15, 2014

Rock Star Jewelry

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As many probably already know those in the entertainment industry sure seem to have a love of jewelry, these are my kind of people. I’ve been to countless concerts and shows and quite a few up on the stage have big gold jewelry to complement their outfits. Heck, even Elton John won’t go on stage without at least half a ton of bling. I know, I’ve seen him twice and he sparkled all through the performance.


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Rock star jewelry is usually pieces that we associate with a rock star. This includes large bold pieces, items with studs and generally anything that has an extra amount of bling. I’m sure the reasoning behind such high voltage pieces has a lot to do with the stage and its setting. The performer in under a lot of bright lights and sometimes seats can be yards away. Without that extra sparkle a fan wouldn’t see them at all.


Although rock stars wear a lot of bling to perform who says you can’t take a lesson from them? There are plenty of jewelry pieces on the market that mimic rock star style. Leather wristbands with studs that can be mixed and matched, dangle earrings with plenty of shine and layered necklaces can all bring to mind your favorite band. This style of jewelry is becoming so popular that it isn’t reserved just for a concert.


You can wear pieces that have gunmetal darkened silver with black pave diamonds. Think edgy and dark jewelry. Studs or skulls all in mixed metal make for cool rock star inspired jewelry. You can also go with reptiles like snakes or lizards, maybe an animal or two. Rock star jewelry is anything that makes you feel awesome, like a rock star. The benefits, you look great and you don’t have to get up on a stage in front of a ton of people.
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