Monday, August 25, 2014

Pocket Watch Cufflinks by Penny Black


I saw these little items and I thought they were the coolest, pocket watch cufflinks. Now cufflinks are generally worn on special occasions or at least when you’re wearing that special shirt that takes cufflinks. Cufflinks can add a little bit of extra style to menswear and which guy doesn’t want to look stylish, especially when he’s gone through the trouble of putting on that shirt that takes the cufflinks.


I personally have a couple of shirts that take cufflinks and yes it is a ladies shirt. I look for cufflinks that have some style and are out of the ordinary. Since I’m a woman I might go for something with gemstones or maybe pave to add some shine and sparkle. I’m sure the same might be true of some guys, but typically, guys want something a little more conservative or maybe unique but not too flashy. Enter the pocket watch cufflink.


These little cufflinks are actually quartz movement pocket watches on a minuscule scale. The case is a half hunter and has a quartz movement to keep accurate time. That’s right, your cufflinks can tell you what time it is by simply looking at your cuffs and the cover opens and closes! These pocket watch cufflinks are a unique way to not only tell time but to dress up your shirt cuffs and add something extra special to your outfit.


These little treasures come in antiqued gold or silver and are made by Penny Black which is known for their high quality cufflinks. Penny Black is the same company that makes the mechanical cufflinks which are wound up and actually move, kind of like kinetic art. So if you’re a gentleman out on the town and want to dress up for that special lady, think a shirt with cufflinks and you will find that the cufflinks by Penny Black are the most special.

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