Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jewelry to Wear with the Lady-Like Handbag

Louis Vuitton structured handbag

The structured handbag is all the rage. On the runway and at the mall I’m seeing a lot of smaller, structured, short handled lady-like handbags. Every time I see one of these little bags I do have a tendency to think of Queen Elizabeth or anyone who had their heyday in the fifties. These cute little bags are super sweet but you want to make sure you don’t go all Halloween costume with the rest of your outfit when you carry one.


Add a cocktail ring, B. Tiff New York
While I love pearls, I don’t think this is a good accessory to wear with the small structured handbag. It looks too Breakfast at Tiffany’s, little black dress, a la Audrey Hepburn. Instead you want to keep things casual. The structured handbag looks best when worn with jeans and boots. Go for some large contemporary jewelry, think statement necklace, large earrings maybe a cocktail ring. Stay away from anything delicate and sweet.


Go organic with your pearls, Jorge Revilla
You can also go with jewelry that has an edgy mix, such as leather pieces with metal. Think biker chick or a touch of Goth. Your jewelry should have a modern or contemporary style. This is in order to juxtaposition the classic and lady-like style against something more casual and down to earth. When your outfit is all classics, nothing out of the ordinary and very typical it has a tendency to become a costume. Too old school and you can look dated instead of on trend.


Try a statement necklace, Gabrielle Bruni
A handbag and some jewelry are the ornamentations of your outfit. An outfit that is classic in styling needs a little mixing up. If you go with something bohemian, stick to jewelry that doesn’t compete. The small lady-like structured handbag is all the rage so try not to put together an outfit that looks like you stepped out of the pages of Ladies Home Journal 1955. Rough things up a bit and you’ll be on trend and in style.

Wear some contemporary earrings, Bastian Inverun Onyx and Silver Earrings

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