Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jewelry For All Ages

This is where it all begins

I wonder at which point in my life I will stop loving jewelry. I’ve come across these women, they tell me that they just don’t wear jewelry anymore, or they state that they have nowhere to wear it, why? To me jewelry is important. Example, the other day I was in the grocery store and I saw an elderly lady shopping. She was all dolled up. Hair done, rings on her fingers, red lipstick and cute shoes that matched her handbag, I want to be her when I grow up. This lovely lady might not have been moving very fast but she looked great.


I read an interview with Zoe Saldana the other day and she said that sweatpants are for the gym. She believed that the end could come at any time and if she was going to die in a plane crash she was going to do it looking chic. Part of looking chic is accessorizing and accessories mean jewelry. Heck, interior designers call hardware for your kitchen cabinets, cabinet jewelry. This means your kitchen isn’t complete without jewelry. So why do so many women decide that jewelry isn’t what they need to complete an outfit after a certain age?


Carmen Dell' Orefice, 81 and awesome
When we are young most girls have a love for things that are sparkly and pretty. Many of us wanted to be princesses when we grew up. These aspirations are usually replaced with realistic goals such as writer, doctor or maybe even lawyer, but as a well turned out professional you’ll still need to be styled appropriately. While a large plastic pink tiara may have been all the rage at age five you really can’t get away with one at a board meeting, but you don’t want to be plain either.  Jewelry is an accessory and jewelry should be part of any outfit, even a small part.


Jewelry should change as our tastes and personalities change. Our life experiences make us who we are and our jewelry should reflect these changes. A lack of jewelry or any adornment conveys a message that we don’t care or can’t be bothered. It’s as if you just put on something comfortable in order to get the job done, end of story. Saying “hey, I took a shower isn’t that enough?” isn’t how I want to be remembered. Like Zoe Saldana, I want to be chic and if that takes jewelry then so be it. Just remember that jewelry should change with our age, it just shouldn’t be excluded from our lives. Life’s not worth living without jewelry.
Diane Keaton, 68 and looking gorgeous, love the pearls!

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