Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Complicated Jewelry

This is what my husband saw in a magazine...

The other day my husband was browsing one of my fashion magazines. He does this sometimes when he is bored and I’ve left it on the bed and he’s waiting for me to get ready. He wanted to know if women actually wear jewelry that is so complicated. In particular he was referencing a ring/bracelet combination whereby the bracelet and ring were attached across the back of your hand by a thin chain.


makes you wonder how uncomfortable it is in real life
I’m not sure that a lot of women wear these types of set-ups, but I’m sure they’re out there otherwise no one would make such jewelry pieces. While I think the concept of complicated jewelry with its chains and various attachments is interesting, it doesn’t seem highly user friendly. I mean what happens the first time you stick your hand in your purse to fish out your keys? Do you become tangled or worse; does the chain get caught then break?


This might make it easy to poke someone in the eye or point out that restaurant down the street
I’ve seen rings that stretch across an entire length of a finger and while it is a fascinating look one would think it would make it hard to bend your finger, so how do you grip a steering wheel when you drive? By the same token, my hats off to those women who wear hoops the size of their head. I would think that they would get in the way every time you turned your head, another hazard to driving.


This requires you finger to be in a semi-bent position all day
To me complicated jewelry is anything that may inhibit movement, requires special hairdos or clothing, or has the potential for injury, e.g. torn earlobes. While I love the look of a statement necklace I don’t think most of them will get you choked if you turn your head too far. So this is probably why you will never see me wearing anything too daring. That’s right, no earring to nose ring chains for me, but if it works for you, be my guest.
While this look has cultural significance, it just looks painful to me

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