Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bastian Inverun Jewelry


Recently at JCK in Las Vegas I spent some time at the booth of Bastian Inverun. Bastian Inverun is a German jewelry manufacturer who has been making quality jewelry since 1974. What impressed me the most was the wonderful modern designs. Many of the pieces have large gemstones and use sterling silver and gold accents. The designs feature smooth, clean, simple lines.


Contemporary jewelry can be a tricky thing. It can get a little too unusual and then you’ve gone from unique to weird. Shapes that are odd, colors that clash and pieces that feel clumsy or lopsided are hallmarks of modern jewelry gone wild. Bastian Inverun is unique not ungainly. The jewelry is sleek, balanced and inventive; everything a modern jewelry lover is looking for in contemporary pieces.


I found the Fascination Gemstones particularly interesting. Most were set in sterling silver, some had gold accents, and all had large beautifully shaped gemstones. When I say large I mean like one to eight carats large. Now large gemstones aren’t that unusual but to find such beautiful gemstones at such reasonable prices was quite unexpected. One 8.30 carat peridot pendant retails for around $320.00, what a deal!


What I love about the Bastian Inverun designs are the simple lines. All the pieces are sleek, smooth and classic. Even though it is a modern design it feels like it could be worn for years. Longevity is something everyone should look for in jewelry, even in modern jewelry. Just because you love contemporary doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice classical styling, with Bastian Inverun jewelry you get the best of both worlds, modernly classic.

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