Friday, August 22, 2014

Acrylic Pearls

Acrylic pearls are just plastic

The first thing I would like to say is, why? I’m not casting aspersions on the pearl market, I love pearls. I think they look beautiful and elegant. They are a classic jewelry item that has stood the test of time. My daughter wore her great grandmother’s pearls on her wedding day and they looked fabulous. Not many jewelry pieces can be worn by four different generations of women without alteration and say it worked for everyone.


Jorge Revilla uses real pearls in his bangles
What I find hard to swallow is the acrylic pearl. Basically an acrylic pearl is a plastic bead. A factory, usually in China, squirts out this little beads, some of which look like pearls. I would have to say that more than likely the similarities will end at the color of the plastic bead. An acrylic pearl is not a pearl and will not have the same luster. What is really the biggest shame is that pearls aren’t so expensive that they are unobtainable, like a solid gold necklace.


The plastic pearl looks flat
Pearls come in a variety of shapes, colors and of course, grades. Pearls that are oddly shaped or flawed can still be attractive and will be substantially less expensive than a pair of flawless perfectly round 12mm pearls all matched in size and luster. If you’re not super particular and have a limited budget, fresh water pearls are available at a reduced cost. They may not be large, have matching color or size, but they do make for an organic and interesting necklace, especially when there are multiple strands.

So why sell yourself short with acrylic pearls? Go for something real, something from nature, something that you will love. A plastic bead is just that, a piece of plastic and nothing feels as nice as the real deal so buy natural pearls. They don't have to be fancy, they don't have to be perfectly matched they just have to come from an oyster. Take the time to shop around, I bet you'll find something wonderful and in your budget. Pearls are really affordable, just take a look around.
Freshwater pearls have beautiful luster, color and an organic feel

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