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What to do with Inherited Jewelry

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I received my Grandmother’s pearls when she passed a few years ago. The reasoning behind why I received this bequeath was because pearls are my birthstone and pearls really weren’t anyone else’s thing in my family. While I was ecstatic with this gift, there are some to whom receiving jewelry as an inheritance won’t be such a thrilling event. The big question then becomes, what do I do with this jewelry?


Or maybe you received a hand craved garnet bracelet...
If you love the look of the piece but it has obviously been loved for many years, you might want to consider refurbishing. Most jewelry stores have a bench jeweler or work with someone who is an expert at cleaning up and restoring your piece. They can also help with replacing any gemstones that have gone missing or clasps that are broken. They will polish it up and make it look brand new. I did this with a watch once and the results were amazing.


This will become an heirloom, Jorge Revilla Florida bracelet
Another option is to have the piece or pieces recycled. You can take one or several pieces of jewelry in to a local jewelry store and they will disassemble the parts, figure out what you have, and then redesign a piece that utilizes all the parts. This is a way to continue to wear Great Aunt Betsy’s jewelry yet it will match your own personal style and taste. Many jewelry stores offer this service and the cost will depend on what you are making, how much you bring in for recycling and if you add other costly gemstones or metal.


Some people collect vintage cameos...
Receiving an inheritance of jewelry is a great thrill and a great responsibility. You are now the caretaker of a family heirloom. While not all family heirlooms carry great monetary value, most carry a lot of sentimental value. This is why you must consider what to do with those inherited pieces carefully. You don’t want to get anyone mad and you don’t want to feel bad if you do the wrong thing. Remember, inherited jewelry can come with strings attached. Just make sure you know which strings you can cut.
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  1. we made the choice to have the pieces recycled into different pieces. it was a nice compromise between getting rid of the jewelry and finding a way to make it useful