Monday, July 7, 2014

Precious Pendants

Turquoise and silver pendant, Michael Schofield & Company

Whether you call them a necklace or a pendant, this look is quite versatile and also affordable. These little pieces can dress up a simple shift or plain white t-shirt. You can wear several together in various lengths or wear just one simple piece that has a colorful gemstone. You can mix metals, styles and even mix leather straps with pearls. Pendants continue to be a hot jewelry accessory this summer.

Classic diamond pendant, Michael Schofield & Company

The nice thing about a pendant is how subtle it can be, you can even wear it in a conservative environment. It doesn’t scream “look at me” like a statement necklace. It goes easily from workplace to picnics, you just have to choose your color and dazzle level. A pendant that has an earthy feel can be worn with a simple white oxford shirt and pencil skirt and then the same pendant can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans.


Pendants that have a little more dazzle and sparkle look equally well with business attire or something sexy. The wonderful thing about a pendant is how it can transition styles and moods. A single pendant isn’t showy, it’s classic and versatile. Try different combinations of gemstone colors and metal treatments. A turquoise stone and antiqued metal adds a bohemian touch to any outfit while black onyx and silver looks awesome with black and white color block.


So go for a classic pendant all by itself, or maybe mix things up by layering pendants for a more dazzling look. Pendants are precious little wonders. They sparkle and shine and add just the right amount of finish to an outfit. You can wear avant garde pieces, retro or even vintage; a pendant is versatile and generally affordable. Plus you can get years of use out of just one piece, what other jewelry piece can claim that?
Art Deco styled diamond pendant, Michael Schofield & Company

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