Thursday, July 17, 2014

Please Wear Jewelry



I’m not saying this because I sell jewelry; I’m saying this because I don’t think enough women understand the effectiveness of accessorizing an outfit. I went for a walk around the mall, yes, I do that, and I found many women who were dressed for work, yet they didn’t have many accessories and a decided lack of jewelry.


Wear something fun, coral bead necklace
I think that it is easy to underestimate how important jewelry is to an outfit. It creates a finished look. It pulls an outfit together and adds a finishing touch. Wearing a dress and a pair of shoes may cloth your body but it doesn’t add any personality to the outfit. Jewelry and accessories are those pieces that convey your personal style to the world.


Take the basic white t-shirt and jeans. This is a favorite outfit for many women, even Katie Holmes. While it is entirely functional in this form you can completely change it by adding jewelry. Some cute bracelets, a scarf and maybe a fedora take this bland outfit to the next level and add some pizzazz.


Funky turquoise beads are so cool
So when you get dressed in the morning think about how you want to show the world what you’re made of, what’s your style? That cute black peplum blouse would look even cuter with an organic turquoise necklace and matching earrings.  Don’t forget its summer and now is the time to play with jewelry in bright colors. So please ladies, wear some jewelry.

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