Monday, July 21, 2014

Obtainable Designers

Pretty sure I'll never own one of these

When my daughter comes over for a visit we eventually end up in my room. There is always something I want to show her or give her. She loves this because it gives the opportunity to sprits herself with some perfume. I admit that I have a perfume collection that rivals the fragrance counter at Macys. Most of these perfumes are in pretty little designer bottles, they’re really quite attractive.


My personal collection of designers
The problem is why should designers only be obtainable through a perfume? I know I will probably never own a Chanel handbag, a pair of Ferragamo shoes, or anything crazy by Dolce & Gabbana, but I can own their perfumes. I can own Versace, Dior and Vera Wang. I can wear them proudly and it’s a size that will always fit. Such is the life of a jewelry/fashion blogger who has no sponsors.


Pretty sure I'll be dead before I get this handbag
This gets me thinking that it is such a shame that many high end designers are just that, high end. It is difficult for the average working person to afford such items. While I love the look and may lust after a classic Chanel quilted handbag, I know that it is unobtainable. It just wouldn’t fit into my budget and no I don’t sit around debating on whether to pay the mortgage or put my name on the waiting list for a Birkin and at my age if I start saving now I just might get one on my deathbed. Not exactly what I’m going for here.


Classic Wayfarer sunglasses are affordable
Fashion should be obtainable. Just because a person is on a budget doesn’t mean we have to be frumpy or wear counterfeits. There are plenty of options out there for unique and stylish looks without breaking the bank. In fact, I give more credit to those individualists who take the time to look fashionable without wearing designer outfits. They are the truly the stylish ones as it not only reflects their personality, it shows the world their imagination and it wasn’t taken directly from a runway show.
The infamous Goop t-shirt, not affordable


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