Friday, July 25, 2014

Jewelry to Keep You Safe

Comes in a variety of styles, CuffLinc

By now we’ve all heard of jewelry and wearable devices that help to keep us on track with our fitness, appointments and updated on social media, but now there is a line of jewelry that has incorporated safe technologies. These jewelry pieces house a computer chip that when activated sends an alert to a person of your choice and warns them that you may be in trouble.


Good looking bangles you squeeze to activate
The CuffLinc jewelry connects to a cellphone via Bluetooth technology. The wearable security devices do not need charging but will need replacement once a year. The only problem that I see with this device is the need for a cell phone with a signal. If you don’t have a signal the alert will not reach its destination. Probably best to invest in that better more expensive cell phone company that offers more towers if this is the way you are going to go with wearable security.


Some are quite modern looking
The nice thing about this wearable security is it actually looks like jewelry. It doesn’t resemble some weird clip on device. Each piece is actual jewelry and there are different styles available. So you may have a choice that will compliment your wardrobe. These technologies are fairly new and many devices are still not available for sale. CuffLinc is preselling many of its items at this point.


Gold bangle with hidden chip
I guess this is the wave of the future. Big Brother is finally on our doorstep and he’s bringing technology to keep us safe from attacks and kidnappings. I remember when people got upset that Facebook and other social media apps were keeping track of our whereabouts, now we are deliberately wearing a device that keeps track with GPS. How things change.
Some of these styles are quite attractive

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