Thursday, July 31, 2014

How to Wear Delicate Jewelry

Two little heart rings, so pretty, wear them together

I will be the first to admit to not being a big fan of delicate jewelry. This is the jewelry that consists of thin chains, tiny rings and earrings without any bulk. To me it seems that these small delicate pieces just disappear on a person or if you can see them, it’s because the piece is peeking out of a peter pan collared shirt. Too sweet and cutesy to me, but maybe I’m just wearing it all wrong.


Several thin rings on each finger makes a bolder statement
Delicate jewelry can make a statement if worn correctly. Many pieces are exhibiting an edgy appeal while still maintaining their delicate features. Delicate thin rings can make a great big statement when you wear them stacked together. Add them to your index and middle fingers but remember to keep the rings thin, one or two on each finger should be enough. Also remember to go bold on both hands. If you have three fingers wearing rings on one hand make sure the other hand is also embellished.


These earrings may look delicate but they dangle and have width
Bracelets are easy; you can add several delicate pieces together. Keep the embellishments simple. No chunky pieces or large stones. Thin chains with maybe some small beads look great against simple slip-on bangles. You can mix it up with colored metals or go for a more conservative look by keeping a tone on tone look. Think gold bracelets and chains with bronzed bangles.


Several small and delicate bracelets make an impact when worn together
Necklaces look especially good when layered. Go for several different delicate chains in different lengths. You can mix and match new pieces with vintage favorites for a more interesting look. The necklaces should have a slightly cascading effect so you can see each one. Remember to keep pendants or anything that adds dimension towards the bottom. The most important point is keep it simple but let the pieces tell your story and then you’ll truly have a look that’s your own.

Let the necklace that peeks out of your sweater have a bold pendant

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