Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Does Vintage Just Mean Used?

This Charles Hubert pocket watch was intentionally made to look like an antique 3869-S

Is vintage just a sales tactic for a used product? Possibly, yes, vintage usually suggest older or aged so it is highly likely that the item has been used. There are plenty of examples of something being used and also still desirable. Examples include diamond rings, particularly ones with high carat value, a Rolex watch or anything Hermes.


This diamond pendant has a vintage feel
Vintage can also be used to describe a look. Occasionally an item that has been antiqued and made to look older or from another era can be called vintage, in this instance it is used descriptively. Items that have a vintage look or feel are not necessarily used. While there are many examples of vintage or used items being sold in secondhand stores, that are great buys, not all “vintage” is used.


This Mount Royal pocket watch feels so 50s, Mount Royal B43
This has never been truer than applied to jewelry or pocket watches. Style is of the utmost importance and many designers go for a particular look or feel. Recreating something older or from the past gives the item a certain appeal. Note the popularity of the Downton Abbey costume jewelry collection being sold at Macy’s. I noticed these items and the group of young women gathered around the display. They seemed to like the pieces and while the show has made the style popular, it does have a vintage charm.


Downton Abbey jewelry
Vintage can be a style so don’t automatically assume a piece that is labeled vintage is used. Many designers try and emulate an older look as a design choice. Jewelry can have both an older antiqued finish while still maintaining a newer modern feel. These pieces do a great job of crossing the border between older styling and newer trend. So while many pieces are vintage, not all pieces are used.

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