Thursday, July 3, 2014

Display Your Pocket Watch

Pocket watch storage box holds six watches

People collect pocket watches but other than wearing them what do you do with a pocket watch? Well you can always display it. My hubby loves to collect watches and has a box whereby you can look at all his beautiful watches. It is a mahogany box with a clear window and you can see all twelve watches at once. It’s a great way to show off some of your favorite watches.


Pocket watches fit snuggly inside their little slots, pocket watch storage box
People who collect pocket watches have some of the most creative ways to display their hobby. There is the standard box which can hold anywhere from three to eight pocket watches depending on the box. The pocket watch sits nestled in its preformed space which protects them from scratches and nicks. This is a great way to both display your pocket watches and to also keep your collection handy so you can choose which watch to wear.


Another way to display your pocket watch is on a stand. These pocket watch display stands have a handy hook at the top whereby you hang your pocket watch. The watch can then double as a small clock. These display stands are perfect for a desk or dresser. You simply place your watch on the hook and it is safe from scratches or nicks that can occur when left in a drawer or on top of a dresser.


Finally, the pocket watch display stand that has a dome, this display method truly highlights the pocket watch. Generally speaking this type of display is for a beloved family heirloom or a museum quality pocket watch. The benefits of a domed display are not only the general protection of the watch but also protection from dust and other airborne particles. Anyway you display your pocket watch always remember any of these methods will help to protect your precious pocket watches so you can enjoy them for years.
Domed pocket watch stand, wood and glass

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