Thursday, July 10, 2014

Buy Less, Have More


When it comes to jewelry sometimes less is more. When my daughter was young she loved costume jewelry. She always wanted something sparkly and bright. I was apt to buy her these special pieces because they were cheap. Unfortunately, the quality was also cheap and most of the pieces didn’t last. This was fine since I didn’t pay much and her tastes changed with the weather.


Now that she is older she is thinking about the quality of the pieces of jewelry she owns. Apparently she isn’t the only one. According to AAFA, Americans are spending more money on fewer goods. Now you can say this is because the cost of goods has increased but I’ve noticed a trend of late. Small purchases or items that are inexpensive seem to not be the normal purchase whereas a onetime larger purchase is becoming more popular.


Americans are willing to spend a few dollars more on a piece that will not only say “quality” but will also last. Items that have classic style and are more versatile seem to be more popular. More customers are ordering items with rock crystal, white sapphire or two toned gold and silver combinations. These types of pieces go with more clothing items and are therefore more versatile and suitable for everyday wear. It’s the same theory that a brown or black handbag will get more uses than a red or bright yellow handbag.


Now this is not to say those bright colors aren’t getting hits also. Generally speaking I’m seeing more high quality pieces with a higher price tag going out the door lately. The small bead purchases or affordable stacking rings aren’t as popular. This could be a trend based on fashion but I believe as the economy improves people are just being smarter about their purchases. A jewelry purchase can be thought of as an investment in your wardrobe. Why not invest wisely?

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