Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beautiful Bangles


I will admit that there is nothing I love better than a bangle. I’m not sure why exactly. Not sure if it is the way they fit on your wrist, the beauty of precious metals and gemstones on your wrist, or maybe it’s the way it sets off an outfit. I love the feel of a bangle on my wrist, much more than a pair of pretty earrings or a necklace. For some reason I’m always afraid these items will fall off.


OMG! It comes in 24K gold vermeil, Michael Schofield & Company Gold Filigree Cuff
A bangle is sturdy, hardy and you can feel the weight on your wrist. I rarely have a fear it is going to fall off or get lost. Some of the bangles I love the most are the silver or gold vermeil Tibetan designs by Michael Schofield & Company. Not only do these bangles look fabulous, they are adjustable. A simple squeeze of the bangle and it can be formed to your wrist. So if your wrist is a little small, you will have the perfect size with these bangles.


Other beautiful bangles are those by Gabrielle Bruni. Her innovative designs are beautiful and affordable. The workmanship is outstanding. Gabrielle makes bangles from sterling silver with touches of rose or yellow gold. She adds gemstones such as amethyst, turquoise or mother of pearl. Gabrielle has perfected the art of Pave and many of her bangles reflect this skill with carefully placed gemstones that create a kaleidoscope of colors.


Now that short sleeves are the go to look of the summer, why not adorn your wrists with some beautiful jewelry. Bangles are a great way to show off some splashy designs. Look for intricate metal work, or go for something bohemian. If you’re wearing creams, look for gold, if you love wearing white and blue, have fun with silver. Have some fun with your jewelry this summer and show off those arms with a breathtaking bangle, I know I will.
Okay, technically its not a bangle, I just love the Paved gemstones, Gabrielle Bruni Collection
(On a side note, any of the items you see from Gabrielle Bruni can be special ordered from the Mark Gregory & Company website.)

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