Friday, July 18, 2014

Always Put Your Best Foot Forward or Make Your Website Shine

David Yurman knows how to make an attractive banner

As a person who sells on-line I spend an inordinate amount of time looking at other people’s websites. I peruse store front windows; I browse both local stores and the internet. Part of this is research and part of it is just curiosity. I want to see what other people are doing. How do they present their products and if what they are doing truly works for them. How much information is too much information and how can I show the customer what my product really looks and feels like.


What I find shocking is how many websites have gotten the seal of approval from customers and retailing experts yet how bland their websites come across. Many websites consist of a name with logo and then some standardized pictures of their products. Most of the pictures are flat with a white background and many don’t even appear to be a three dimensional product. While this style is popular, it doesn’t ring any bells for me, plus it doesn’t say much about the product.


Jewelry for Me banner, the text doesn't show unfortunately, I had a web designer offer me this exact same banner. I ended up making my own.
I love websites that use creative photography to depict their products. One of my favorite websites is David Yurman. Not only do they use models to show off their jewelry they also use techniques that produce a 3-D picture. You get a sense of proportion and depth with these pictures. Let’s face it; you only have a picture to get a person interested in buying the product. If your picture is lacking, chances are you’re not going to look further or read the information you so carefully wrote.


Blue Nile product photo, not sure I would spend $21,000 on this plain looking product
While pictures are important you also want to convey information. Sometimes it isn’t easy to give dimensions or weight but it is important to do the best you can. A clothing website has the advantage of showing the clothes on a model but if the model is 5’ 5” and 98 pounds how will you know? Some websites have taken to Photoshop to the extreme. This gives a distorted image of the product and also your website. So while it’s hard, try and be truthful but also accurate in your depictions. The shopper will thank you for it and they may ultimately purchase something.
Jorge Revilla pearl and sapphire bracelet, I took the picture myself!

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