Monday, June 9, 2014

The Summer Shoe - It's Not What You Think

Clarks Shira Brenna $84.99

Now the warm weather begins, those hot stuffy days that make us want to run to the beach so we can wiggle our toes in the surf and sand, but alas, I don’t have the time. Since I don’t have the time to cool my toes at the beach I can at least keep them cooler in summer shoes. When you say summer shoes most people think sandals. While this is quite true, sandals are the shoes of summer; you don’t automatically have to think two pieces of thin strapping material and a foot bed.


Clarks Wessex Shay $120.00
Shoes for summer or hot weather come in all shapes and sizes. Think perforated leather, peek toe booties, wedges, espadrilles, ballet flats and closed toed sling-backs. All different styles of shoes can be summer shoes and for those of us who feel slightly uncomfortable showing a lot of skin, even on our feet, a good selection is super important. When I was a kid I didn’t run around bare foot too many times. Shoes are great protection against rocks and broken glass so I always had shoes that covered my whole foot. Hence, my love of boots.


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This season I’m seeing many summer shoes that feature a more closed look. The popularity of a slightly closed shoe maybe due to larger numbers of women who work in offices but want to wear something besides the ubiquitous pump. We all want to maintain our professionalism but we also are getting tired of wearing the same type of shoe every day of the week. Enter the shoe that allows just the right amount of ventilation.


Steve Madden Nonstp $99.00
I find that these slightly closed shoes look really good with ankle length slacks or jeans. You can still wear a sleeveless blouse or shirt as long as you bring a cardigan or blazer to cover it up at the office. If you’re out and about for the day a slightly closed shoe looks great with a dress that has lighter fabric that floats. Add some amber beads and hoop earrings and you’re all set. The weather appears to be warmer this week so now is the time to seek out some relief for our feet. I’m all on board for shoe shopping.
Paul Green Tasha Sandal $329.00

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