Thursday, June 5, 2014

Michael Schofield Jewelry Designs

Michael's award winning ring

JCK was this past weekend and I had the pleasure of visiting some new designers and some designers that I had the pleasure of working with in the past. Michael Schofield is a fantastically talented man who has produced some beautiful designs and jewelry that anyone would covet. He has won awards for his platinum jewelry at this year’s JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards.


Such beautiful workmanship
One of the most fascinating things about Michael’s jewelry is how it is made, he doesn’t just work in a shop handcrafting each piece, he has to actually travel to Kathmandu to work with a family of silversmiths. The family practices an ancient technique that few silversmiths use in this modern era, each piece is handcrafted using these ancient hand tools instead of modern machinery. This is probably why Michael’s jewelry is so intricate and beautiful.


This gemstone bracelet is on my website
I am especially fond of his pure silver bracelets. Each bracelet has an intricately detailed exterior which displays a pattern of swirls laid down in pure silver wire. The interior of the bracelet is hand etched with beautiful Tibetan designs. A dragon, two fish displayed in a head to tail style which symbolizes in the Buddhist religion, happiness. I know that whenever I place one of these bracelets on my wrist it makes me happy. This is one very good reason to own this bracelet.


This is the bracelet in pure silver, Filigree Bracelet
This is why I love working with Michael, every time I meet with him I get to wear his jewelry, even if it’s only for a brief moment. Whenever I place a ring on my finger or a bracelet on my wrist I feel such satisfaction. Each piece is so beautiful and I’m sure that others think and feel the same way. It’s hard not to feel happy when something is so special and you’re wearing it. Keep an eye on my website as I am hopefully adding some of his new designs very soon. Each piece will be available for special order.
What's not to love? Blue sapphire and diamond ring

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