Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jorge Revilla Jewelry Collection

Jorge Revilla Spain

Jorge Revilla is a jewelry designer whose work is both creative and unique. I recently had the pleasure of viewing his work at JCK. I was intrigued by his use of silver, pearls and gemstones to create an organic design. For me, when a designer is able to take natural elements and recreate them in precious metal I’m always interested. What makes Jorge Revilla’s work special is his ability to use nature in his designs while adding his own touch.


Organic shapes that mimic nature
Some jewelry designers simply replicate nature. They copy a leaf or a flower and while it is commendable that they can make an exact copy, it really doesn’t add any creativity to the piece, it is simply a copy. Jorge Revilla uses nature and enhances it, adding flair while still retaining the subtle feel of the natural elements. While many may think this is easy, I know that it is quite difficult because you must add your own vision while still maintaining the integrity of the element.


Pearls are my favorite
I’ve always been a fan of bold designs and those that are organic are especially attractive to me. I find that when someone can take metal and gems and fashion them into wearable art that is always something special and should be appreciated and admired. When that someone can take an idea and turn it into something bold and beautiful that a woman can wear, therein lays the talent.


Beautiful bangle in silver
Jorge Revilla hails from Spain, so while his work is especially popular in Europe he is relatively new to the US. He has also recently won recognition for his fine work, winning the “Best in Silver, Retailers’ Choice” award at JCK. After viewing his work I can see why he is so admired. This is a designer to keep your eye on; he is bound to achieve great things based on the beauty of his jewelry.
This stunning silver ring reminds me of clover petals

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