Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Got Free Shoes or How to do Customer Service

The free shoes in question

Okay…I’ll admit that they weren’t really free, someone has to pay for them since they were shipped to me by mistake. This is a story about great customer service. Getting great customer service isn’t easy these days. Most companies spend more time playing duck and cover, and placing people on hold instead of actually addressing their problems. I will be the first to admit that addressing irate customers is not pleasant but it must be done.


How come no one ever sends me free jewelry?
It all started with my purchase of a pair of shoes. I’ve wanted these shoes and had them in my shopping cart on for quite some time. Since my birthday rolled around I was free to make the purchase which I did on the 12th. I’m a VIP so I get free next day shipping. Around the 15th I noticed that I had not received a shipping confirmation or my shoes so I called A friendly customer service representative apologized for the lack of shipment and put in a new order, free of charge and told me my shoes were on their way.


Or free Birkin handbags?
Sure enough I received a shipping confirmation later that day with a delivery date of Monday. A few hours later I received another shipping confirmation but I thought it was just a repeat, computers do that sometime. On Monday my shoes showed up and I was all happy. Then I noticed that the other shipping confirmation which I was getting ready to delete had a delivery date of Tuesday. What the heck? So I waited and sure enough, the same shoes showed up on my doorstep on Tuesday.


Although I'd take free clothes
Since they didn’t charge my card, I got a pair of shoes for free. Being the honest person that I am I went to my account and tried to send them back but the option would also refund my credit card, not good. I ended up calling and they straightened everything out. What was so amazing about this experience was the customer service representative who apologized for inconveniencing me. He knew I would have to tape a new label to the box and drop it off at the UPS store. While I believed this was not really hard work they acknowledged they made a mistake, went out of their way to correct it, paid for postage and apologized. I haven’t had customer service this good in quite a while. Keep up the good work, you’re excellent customer service is a dying art.

Although I did get free dessert on my birthday

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