Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gabrielle Bruni Designs

Simple, classic blue topaz call to order GAL 1178-BTWS

I love jewelry and it’s wonderful when I find designs that fit my style. Now I know I’m not alone in my love for Gabrielle Bruni’s designs because people have come to me to have pieces made. The craftsmanship is so wonderful, the designs are bold and each piece feels so good against your skin. Gabrielle’s jewelry is perfect.


Sterling silver bangle with a touch of gold, call to order GAL1374
Now I’m not just saying this because I’m a fan. I spend an inordinate amount of time examining jewelry and while I do not profess to be an expert I know quality when I see it. Each piece is carefully made with precision. No rough edges, completely finished backs, stones that are set properly and attention to detail. You won’t find any sloppy edges here and if you do, it’s not true Gabrielle Bruni.


Sterling silver pendant with chain, call for details GAL2255
It is shocking to me the number of manufacturers who are just that, manufacturers of jewelry. They do not seem to care about the details in making a quality piece. This is not the case with Gabrielle’s pieces. I have never seen such quality and the price point is super affordable. This is another reason why I’m a fan. Jewelry is made to be worn; pricing can affect how often you may wear a piece. Everyday pieces should be affordable and wearable.


Love this amethyst ring GAL1701
Gabrielle Bruni’s designs fit the bill. The quality is outstanding so wearing your jewelry every day is easy. Each piece is affordable so you can put together a matching collection that not only looks great together but makes you feel totally put together. Let’s face it, life is hectic and we’re all busy. It’s so much easier to have jewelry pieces we can rely on each day to make our lives a little more beautiful and Gabrielle Bruni’s designs are outstandingly beautiful.
Amethyst, blue topaz and white sapphire, oh my! Call to order GAL 2235-W

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