Friday, June 13, 2014

Gabrielle Bruni Creations

One of my favorites, Chocolate Diamond Bangle

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Gabrielle Bruni for a number of years. She is a fabulous designer and I have to honestly say that if I could buy jewelry all day, it would be her jewelry. I haven’t seen anything that isn’t totally wearable and wonderful, I love it all. Her designs are creative and bold with just the right amount of sparkle so they don’t overpower your outfits.


For the pearl lovers, Regina Collection
I actually found her jewelry for the first time years ago while on a cruise. The few pieces that were available were attractive and different. I purchased a bracelet and then set out to hunt down the remaining pieces. This is how I meet Gabrielle. In my search for a supplier I found Gabby and her wonderful jewelry, I also found that she had many more pieces and several collections.


One of my new favorites, Fiori Collection
This past month at JCK I had a little time to sit down with Gabrielle and discuss some of her designs. There are a few new pieces that I haven’t seen before and of course they are all beautiful. While I have my favorites from former collections, it looks like I will have to be adding some new favorites. My personal favorite is a set from the Fiori collection. I love blue and these stones just sparkle and shine.


Don't forget the matching pieces, Fiori Collection
Another great aspect of Gabrielle’s designs is the ability to customize. If you prefer onyx to blue topaz it can be arranged. She is quite accommodating and creative in changing gemstones or metal to meet a particular customer’s personal taste. There are few designers who are willing to go to so much trouble and provide these customizations at such reasonable pricing. This is why she will probably be one of my favorites for years to come.
So unique and beautiful, I promise to have bigger pictures soon, Fiori Collection

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