Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beautiful Silver Jewelry

This is my absolute favorite, Michael Schofield Filigree Cuff

Silver has become a popular alternative for jewelry pieces. This is partially due to the high cost of gold. Quite a few years ago, and I hope I’m not giving my age away in anyway, you purchased gold, preferably 18K. Not many retailers sold 14K and 10K was impossible to find. Yes, I’m that old. The high cost of gold is driving the high cost of some gold jewelry pieces.


Enter sterling silver. Sterling silver was once considered the poor step-child of jewelry. It was generally worn by those who were much more bohemian in style. Think handmade jewelry purchased on vacation in Mexico and South America. The craftsmanship was usually fair and while quite beautiful it didn’t always dazzle the consumer with its high quality crafting. Nowadays sterling silver is an acceptable and sought after metal in jewelry.


The high price of gold has made sterling silver popular. Many jewelry designers are working in silver to not only make their pieces more affordable but because they’ve found this metal to be perfect for their designs. Silver, unlike gold has the ability take on many characteristics. It can be made to look antiqued, shiny and bright or maybe a combination of the two. Designers are crafting jewelry specifically with silver in mind and the results are astonishing.


The designer Michael Schofield & Company has some beautiful silver designs. His cuff bracelets are particularly beautiful with intricate designs and patterns. There is a wonderful use of hand engraving on each cuff. Each cuff is made from scratch and truthfully a photograph does not do it justice. You should see these pieces up close. The detailed engraved twin fish design is an ancient symbol and is perfectly executed in silver. Want to make it more beautiful, how about gold vermeil? Michael Schofield & Company does both so how can you resist something so fabulous, I know I can’t.

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