Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Your Personal "It" Item

Pink trench coat is classic with a twist

What is an “it” item? Usually it’s that something that everyone has, the pink coat, the Celine handbag, think hair scrunchies of the 90s. Everyone has one and everyone is wearing one, you can’t escape. These items are ubiquitous and everywhere. Problem is they usually come in style and then go out, just a blip on our fashion radar and when they go; no one even wants to know they participated. It items have a tendency to become pariah.  


The bright color and the ruffles make it hard for this coat to stand the test of time
What really matters are the personal “it” items that we wear and love for a lifetime. The personal “it” item can be anything luxurious, fun or simply chic. Something that makes you feel good about yourself because it adds something to your wardrobe. There is a good reason that we have personal it items, it’s because keeping up with the latest styles and fashions can be financially taxing. No one wants to spend a fortune on the perfect handbag and then discover you only used it for one season.


Classic tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses
Generally speaking these it items are classic. The navy blazer, the tote bag, the closed toe pump are all items that are a must for a well-armed closet. A personal it item probably has a little more punch. Instead of a navy blazer you might go for a red blazer. It’s any item that has a classic look but is still a little out of the ordinary. Cat eye sunglasses are all the rage but instead of the trendy pink or white frame you might pick black or tortoise shell. Now you’ll wear them forever.


This color makes them a novelty
There is nothing wrong with purchasing classics and if you know yourself well enough you can pick a classic that stands out. I’ve always wanted a pair of red shoes. I’ve purchased red sandals on a couple of occasions but they usually end up languishing in my closet after being worn only once or twice. I bought a pair of red pumps for my daughter’s wedding, I’ve worn them twice already, guess I found my own personal “it” item for the summer.
My new "it" item, the red pump

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