Monday, May 19, 2014

Why Wear Jewelry? Cause it Makes Us Feel Good!

Too pricey? Perhaps you wish to see something in macaroni and spray paint?

JCK in Las Vegas is coming up and I’m being inundated with emails from vendors asking me to visit their booths. First off, there is no way I can visit everyone, there are far too many vendors. What have intrigued me are the vendors who have creative ads or lovely pictures. This shows me that they actually thought about getting my attention.


The ad that caught my attention this morning or more correctly, make me laugh was from Simplex Diam Inc. They had a very cute cartoon of a man shopping for jewelry. The caption states “Too pricey? Perhaps you wish to see something in macaroni and spray paint?” While not all jewelry is so expensive you have to take out a home equity loan, I think they were making the point that some jewelry is really so reasonably priced the next step down is a dozy.


Silver mantra bracelet is pretty and spiritual, wish I could find this guy again
When purchasing jewelry to adorn ourselves we usually pick items that not only please us they usually fit within our budget. When shopping for a gift for another it can get tricky. Buying jewelry to meet someone’s expectations as well as their personal taste can be one of the hardest things you’ll do in a relationship. I’ve never felt that it is wrong to take along the person you’re gifting when making a large purchase. Remember this all you engagement ring buyers. When spending a lot of money you want to make them happy and what better way than to bring them along.


Le Vian is always at JCK Las Vegas, so pretty
If on the other hand if you’re trying to go for a surprise, make sure that you can return the item for a full refund or maybe an exchange. Jewelry is meant to be personal, something that we wear to enhance our outfits, make us feel happy and maybe add a little confidence. Jewelry can invoke a memory when we wear something special or a family heirloom. So why wear jewelry, because it makes us feel great, confident, pretty and basically wonderful, so why not.
There will also be plenty of vendors selling loose stones, I'm in heaven!

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