Friday, May 9, 2014

Weird Things on the Internet

Everyone needs one of these things

I spend way too much time looking for things to write about on the internet. So it isn’t shocking that I come across some pretty weird things. This morning I came across the Ostrich Pillow. It is basically a device that you slip over your head which then allows you to lean forward and plop your head onto any hard surface and sleep. There are also two handy holes for your hands. When I saw the picture I just had to laugh.


You know you want one!
There are plenty of really weird things on the internet. I know that I’ve found some awful jewelry on various websites. There are the realistic spider rings, dead fish pendants and pieces that are so gaudy they would make Mr. T. proud. Believe it or not, it is far easier to find trendy weird jewelry pieces on the internet than to find unusual gadgets.


You might need a zombie gnome for your garden
This makes me wonder who would wear these horrible pieces. I guess it takes a very special person to want to wear a crystal encrusted octopus ring or a brooch shaped like a piece of bird poop.  If you look through my earlier blogs you will find articles on these subjects. Unusual and unattractive jewelry is actually quite abundant on the internet, you just have to know where to look.


There is something in the can, I know this for a fact
So the next time you’re stuck when trying to find that special something for someone you love, think unicorn meat or maybe something practical like a hot dog cooker. The possibilities are endless if you have an open mind. After all, everyone should have a zombie gnome in their garden, it keeps the snails away.
For those mac and cheese lover who have a boo boo

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