Monday, May 12, 2014

Summer Clothing Quandary

My favorite summer staple, the sheath dress

During the summer as weather heats up I always run into problems with what to wear. If you are trying to look semi-professional you want to stay away from anything that might make people think you’re heading to the beach. This is slightly difficult because there is a very fine line between clothes that keep you cool and also look beach or afternoon in the park ready.


Top it with a linen blazer with rolled up sleeves
Summer or warm weather clothing is tricky. You need to stay covered to look professional and also protect yourself against artic air conditioning, but you don’t want to swelter. Blazers can make you break out in a sweat when you’re commuting or running errands. You can always take off the jacket while you’re running around outside and put it back on once you come back to the office so a sleeveless shift or top works well.


Add some amber earrings
Accessorizing is also tricky because my typical scarf picks can make me over heat and necklaces and bracelets can end up sticking. There is nothing that makes you instantly uncomfortable as a watch or bracelet sticking to your wrist. To get around these problems think dangle earrings. You can put your hair up in a ponytail and wear some awesome earrings that add some sparkle and shine. You’ll feel cool and look fabulous.


A necklace under your collar adds interest
Finally, if you really like necklaces a super cute look is a collared shirt with a necklace under the collar. You want a pendant style or a necklace that has some pizazz right in the middle. You need to have the chain lie flat under the collar with the pendant or interest showing right between the collar points. A sleeveless silk blouse works great and you can put that blazer back on while you’re in the office. So you can accessorize, look professional and keep your cool all summer long.
A silk blouse keeps you cool just add some awesome earrings

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