Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pretty Pretty Jewelry


There is so much jewelry out there to choose from that it can make one’s head spin. Depending on my mood I might be interested in something modern, something more conservative or maybe something playful. Different jewelry conveys different moods. The only problem I see with wanting to match my jewelry to my moods and an outfit is the cost. Quality jewelry can be expensive.


Now when I say quality jewelry I’m not talking about super expensive designer brands. Those items are probably not possible on my budget. I’m talking about jewelry that is solidly made. Quality sterling silver with gemstones or alternative metals and material that is handcrafted and carefully finished. Believe it or not there are many options available on the market for quality jewelry at fair prices.


I will admit that I’m a little bit pickier when it comes to pricing since I’m a business. I know how much jewelry cost. I won’t be divulging any secrets here but there is reasonably priced jewelry on the market and not so reasonably priced item. There are stores that want you to believe that they are selling at a fabulous price but in reality they have marked the jewelry up tremendously and then simply put it on sale. They still make a large profit. Oops, a dirty little secret.


To me jewelry is important. I like to have different things to wear and since I’m on a budget these pieces must be versatile and reasonably priced. I also want quality. Nothing makes me madder than pieces that come apart or tarnish immediately. I’ve had few of these problems since I examine carefully each purchase. After a while you learn the sign of quality made jewelry. Today is the day I post pretty pictures, tomorrow, more about quality.
Okay it's not jewelry but I love this coiled snake evening bag

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