Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother's Day Guilt Tripping Ads

An ad from Cartier

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my Mom for not buying her Cartier, David Yurman or Rolex. According to the emails and ads running along the side of my computer, buying your Mom an expensive piece of jewelry shows you care. Since I don’t have the budget for such extravagant gifts, I’m a complete failure as a daughter, or at least this is what advertisers want you to believe.


Maybe something from David Yurman
It is astonishing how much pressure is applied to children to do something nice for Mom on her day. As a Mother myself I can appreciate an entire day just for me. It’s kind of like having a second birthday except you celebrate with all the other women that you know who also have kids. Can anyone say wine and pedicure fest? Don’t get me wrong, a little bit of guilt can go a long way to getting your kids to behave.


Chocolate covered strawberries are always nice
What I find interesting is how elaborate some retailers believe a gift must be in order to be appropriate. If you buy your Mom a Cartier necklace for Mother’s Day what do you buy her for her birthday, a car? What ever happened to a homemade card and a box of chocolates? To me a simple gift or at least one that my kids can afford is way better. After all, when they can’t pay their rent this month because they spent it all on a piece of jewelry for me who’s going to fork over the dough for a loan?


Get Mom what she really wants
I would rather get gift cards to Starbucks then a Rolex watch because I know it is something they can afford and it still shows that they care about me and my habits. Mother’s Day is the day when we get to take a break, put our feet up and be in control of the TV. It is the day to buy a fancy coffee, eat cookies for breakfast and make my favorite rice casserole dish for dinner without fear of whining from the masses. So I don’t need a piece of expensive jewelry or a new car, although it would be nice, I just want things my way for 24 hours which is probably harder on my kids than finding the money for that expensive doodad.
That's right, chicken and rice casserole, my favorite

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