Thursday, May 22, 2014

JCK Las Vegas

Only one week away
All photos courtesy of JCK, visit their Facebook page

JCK Las Vegas is officially one week away. For those who have early invitations or are actually going to attend those early invites it starts on May 27th. Due to my limited time I won’t be attending until the 29th of May. If you don’t know what JCK Las Vegas is, I will have to say that it is jewelry nirvana. This is the place where every jewelry wholesaler, gadget seller, estate jewelry people and designer goes to sell their wares. It’s totally awesome!


While it is totally awesome and super easy to get caught up in every sparkly that catches your eye, you do need to make a plan. It is being held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and it covers three floors. There are many exhibitors and if you’re not careful you will spend a great deal of time wandering around and not getting much accomplished.


My tip consist of tackling things a floor at a time and a section at a time. I refuse to go from one vendor to another on different floors so one floor per day. This also helps to keep track of the ground I’ve covered. I have older vendors I wish to visit and I’m planning on hopefully meeting some new ones. This year it’s going to be watches and potentially a new engraving machine if I’m not too overwhelmed with the technology. Most machines are automated so engraving is no longer an art but a science.


Totally wearable
I of course want to find some people who have just the right amount of unique design talent but it’s really hard since just about everyone selling has talent. This is the hardest part of the show, so many beautiful pieces of jewelry. I plan on taking pictures and posting my blog during the time I spend at JCK this year. I’m hoping that I don’t get overwhelmed or too tired; it is a long trek after all. Wish me luck and begin counting down.
Zeghani by Simon

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