Friday, May 23, 2014

How to Wear a Statement Necklace

Yes, you can wear this during the day

Due to my hubby’s recent cancer treatment we’ve had to swear off large stadium crowds for the next year. Apparently people are germy. So being the social creatures we are, we hit the local pub to watch some sports while dining on chicken wings and beer. This is where I saw the lovely lady dressed in black and dripping in cubic zirconia. I’m assuming it was CZ because otherwise someone would have already knocked her to the ground and stole her jewelry.


Bold necklaces look cute with t-shirts
While I thought this lady looked absolutely elegant, it was too much for a sports bar. She had on a simple black dress with peep toed pumps and a beautiful Chanel styled handbag. What was a little over the top was the bib necklace, chandelier earrings, three inch studded cuffs on both wrists and a two huge cocktail rings. It all matched and looked super glitzy and sparkled whenever she moved. Like I said, absolutely elegant but it made me realize that this isn’t a look that can be worn anywhere, or can it?


Tone it down with denim
Large statement jewelry or pieces that are super sparkly and eye-catching can be worn every day; you just have to be careful what you wear it with, no little black dress unless you’re attending a cocktail party. A large statement necklace can work when worn with a pair of jeans and a leather Moto jacket. Just make sure you keep the other pieces small. No chandelier earrings or large cuffs. Big sparkly pieces can look cool when worn with t-shirts and jeans and you won’t look over the top.


Celebrities love the look
If you want to wear chandelier earrings or sparkly cuffs think feminine dresses. Something in a floral print, light and airy topped with a rough jeans jacket. You want to juxtaposition the super elegant against something rugged. When your entire outfit looks like you’re getting ready to meet the Queen you don’t wear it while the suns still up. Mix thing up using eclectic pieces that look a little tough against those dazzling sparklers so you won’t look out of place the next time you go out for beer and burgers.
Go "Biker Chick" with leather

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