Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to Wear Metallic

Technically all jewelry is metallic, Silver Filigree Cuff

Metallic accessories and clothing can be tricky. You don’t want to look dated or maybe like a reject from a 1950s science fiction movie. So the first rule of thumb when wearing metallic, don’t do it from head to toe. Stick with pieces such as jewelry, evening bags or shoes to add a little dash to an outfit. Metallic can be an affordable way to add drama and elegance to any outfit just follow a few simple rules.


Add some sparkle, silver metallic evening bag
When you want to keep an earthy style, think understated. Go for something with a matte or textured finish. You should look for something with a soft finish, stay away from high gloss or highly finished accessories. A necklace or bracelet that has been oxidized or made to look antiqued gives a soft look. Another great aspect of matte finished, you can combine burnished copper and bronze finished items equally well because there are no shiny finishes competing with each other.


If you’re going for glamorous style think shine. High gloss finishes are perfect for a night out or anytime you’re looking to grab some attention. Go for matching polished bangles on your wrist to set off that little black dress. Anything that is high gloss will draw the eye and bounce light around. Keep the lines of your pieces sleek to show off that finish. Smooth highly polished evening bag look awesome.


High gloss stainless steel is modern, B. Tiff Tension Mount Ring
For those who feel a little bit rebellious or simply have a more eclectic style think about blending matte and shine together. You want light and airy pieces that add matte and shine together in just the right amounts. Think a pendant with a matte bronze chain and shiny silver tags, or go for a menswear style watch with a combination brushed and polished finished band, very modern. Metallic accessories and jewelry are a golden opportunity to be brilliant.
Go for a gunmetal watch

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