Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cosmetic Surgery for your Feet

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Would you have cosmetic surgery for your feet? Believe it or not, women are having surgery on their feet to make designer shoes fit better. While I’ve known women who have had bunion surgery due to foot pain, having your feet altered to fit in a pair of shoes is way too much. Apparently these are the lengths that some women will go to for fashion.


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My personal feeling are, if the shoe doesn’t fit comfortably, try another pair of shoes. It’s not like there aren’t hundreds of thousands of shoes on the market. You will have a very good selection. Women are having their toes shortened, lengthen and even shaved down in size in order to make a pair of designer shoes fit. The thought of going through this type of procedure just to make a pair of shoes fit gives me the willies.


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Apparently there are even some women who are Botoxing their calves in order to make their legs look slimmer so they will look good in skinny jeans. While slim legs have never been my problem if they weren’t super skinny I still wouldn’t Botox my legs to look good in skinny jeans. There are lines that need to be drawn for the sake of supposed beauty. Going under the knife to amputate a pinkie toe to fit into a pair of shoes is the line.


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So while many women are unhappy with the shape of their feet or how those shoes fit at the end of the day, remember, it’s just a pair of shoes, your feet are permanently attached. Instead of having surgery on your feet for cosmetic reasons why not invest in a pedicure? It doesn’t require any recovery time and it is a whole lot more soothing than surgery. Besides your toes will thank you if you just leave them alone.

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