Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beware Junk Jewelry


Don’t get me wrong, costume jewelry has its place. If you’re looking for something to jazz up an outfit but you don’t want to make a huge commitment to a trend, go with costume or fashion jewelry. It’s inexpensive and usually fits the bill. What I find astonishing is the amount of money some people are willing to spend on silver toned metal with CZ. I do believe these people think they are getting something extra special, they aren’t. They don't even tell you what the metal is that they "finish" it with, why not? Is it chrome, sterling silver or something else?


I recently found an auction site that sell what they term “designer” goods. They are using the term designer in the loosest of ways. There is really nothing designer about this website except maybe the person who wrote the code for the avatars and background. I have to give them props for making an auction website that is interactive and cute, beyond that it is a major fail on quality goods for sale. Most of the handbags are exclusive discount outlet products and cheap Chinese metal and crystal jewelry. Not a Birkin in sight. I was highly disappointed that there wasn’t any Fendi or Celine.


What I found shocking was how much people were willing to spend on these products. Most were so unattractive that I wouldn’t wear it if you gave it to me free but yet people were paying real money for these products. I saw handbags, used, cloth and obvious discount outlet manufactured products selling for upwards of $100. These handbag probably originally sold for $125, no bargain there. What is most perplexing is that I have real gemstone jewelry that I can’t sell for just under $200 while someone is willing to pay $40 for pot metal and colored glass.


I understand that $200 is a lot of money and many of my pieces are quite expensive but when you look at how much someone is paying for a noticeably faux necklace it does make one wonder. I wonder if people know that they are getting something that is junk. I noticed that people commented that it was crystal but of the highest quality. They talked it up as if someone was buying a rare gem. It is sad to see people prey on those who are in a bidding frenzy or are uninformed about what the value of a particular piece is truly worth. Beware junk jewelry; especially if you’re buying at an online auction, there is a lot of garbage out there.
Advertised as crystal with 18kt gold fill. Why use 18kt gold with a crystal? They also claim that there is a silver "toned" finish. Why cover 18kt gold? I doubt there is any gold in this ring.

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