Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Before You Splurge

Even Cartier can make something trendy to the point of questionable,
Cadran Love Tourbillion Watch

Every now and then we want to splurge. I’m not talking about buying a diamond ring or some long sought after earrings, no classic pieces here. I’m talking about those items that immediately catch our fancy and because we’ve had a cocktail or are feeling particularly deserving, we spend money on an item that maybe if we gave it a little more thought we would probably pass. Here are a couple of tips to reduce these splurge purchases.


While vintage, not sure it's become a classic yet,
Hermes Kelly Watch
Ask yourself, how trendy is this piece of jewelry? While trendy pieces can become classics, sometimes the pull of an impulse buy can clouds our long term vision. Ask yourself how often you might wear this item and what types of outfits you currently own that will be complimented by it. If you can’t think of several ways to wear a particular piece or if you need to go shopping to find clothing that will match maybe it isn’t the piece you’re looking for.


I would have to wear this every day of my life to justify the cost,
Hermes Scarf
Next, are you being swayed by a fancy designer label? I went to Hermes recently for some window shopping. While many of their items were beautiful I just couldn’t see myself in a silk boldly patterned scarf. The watches on display were tiny dainty little things which didn’t fit my style. If I was in the mood to treat myself to something special I could see how easily it would be to overspend on something that really wasn’t my style. If it didn’t have a designer label would you still buy it? Think about your own personal style, not the label.


Not digging the socks, don't care if it's Chanel
Finally, do you really need it? We sometimes spend money on something we already have in our closets or collections. Ask yourself, how many charm bracelets, watches or pairs of stud earrings do you really need? I own one pair of diamond studs. I wear them every day and if something happened to them then I would buy another pair, not before. I do not need multiples in various sizes, no one does. Buy only if you are replacing something that is worn out, broken, or lost (as in the case of earrings). Thinking before you buy can save you a lot of money and make every piece in your jewelry collection a treasure, or at least frequently used.
They're using Kiss dummies and a fancy label to get you to buy

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