Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wearing Denim

Denim jacket over a black dress, super cute

I will be the first to admit that I would wear denim everywhere. If I could get away with jeans at a fancy restaurant I would. Denim is not only comfortable but fashionable and if worn correctly, it can literally go anywhere. Case in point, the April issue of InStyle magazine has an article called 31 Days of Denim. I highly suggest you pick up an issue and check it out.


Try some florals with denim
Some of their suggestions include wearing denim with beautiful silk shirts and tanks. They show how throwing on a blazer, a pair of pumps and of course jewelry can make any pair of denim jeans say wow. It is always shocking to me how accessories can elevate a simple pair of jeans. Now the jeans featured are well fitting and of course, some are in colors. Do not substitute your favorite raggedy gardening jeans in these outfits.


Love the denim with Chanel
To get the most bang for your buck when wearing denim keep the lines clean and simple. A fresher look is skinny jeans worn with a plain white collared shirt topped with a cropped shirt or sweater. Let the shirt tails hang out and maybe add a necklace, keep it shorter so it hangs just below the collar. Add some heeled pumps and a structured handbag and you’re ready. For those cooler days add a blazer.


Denim looks great with a classic oxford shirt
Another fresh take on denim is the denim vest. This is useful on those cooler days or when the weather is still in flux. A pair of jeans, a t-shirt, sleeveless denim vest and a cool blazer with sleeves rolled up adds layer and warmth but also allows for changes in the weather. Truthfully I’m going to be scanning this article to see how many of these outfits I can make out of my existing wardrobe. It should be fun and take some of the work out of outfit planning.
White jeans, a printed silk tunic and a cropped sweater, so me

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