Monday, April 28, 2014

Unselfconscious Dressing

Classic Celine handbag in navy

When I say unselfconscious dressing I’m not saying dress like you don’t care. I’m addressing the concept of dressing with style but not flashy style. For quite some time it has been fashionable to pile on the bling. In order to be fashionable one had to wear items that screamed “money” or at the very least, demonstrated the concept of excessive. Everything had something shiny, something colorful, and something busy and all of these something’s weren’t me.


Classically styled riding boots
For me, the shifting of the fashion winds to a minimalist look is a giant sigh of relief. When your favorite color is black, it’s hard to get excited when the fashion trends shift to allover florals and patterns. I’ve agonized over how to inject a pattern into my wardrobe and I’m still battling with my inner self on how to wear a classic navy striped t-shirt. Yes, I know it’s simple and I’ve even explained it in a blog, but I just can’t seem to get the idea to work on me.


Camel pea coat, always in style
Growing up in Northern California as opposed to Southern California can make a huge difference in our fashion choices. While those in the south prefer suntans and blonde hair, those of us up north rarely see the sunshine and wearing black helps us blend in with the fog. It’s not that we never see the sun we just don’t feel the need to be obvious. Living near Silicon Valley has made the “look” of money something that must fly under the radar. Being tasteful not flashy is luxury.


Basic jeans
So basically unselfconscious dressing is dressing simply and tastefully. A good handbag and a great pair of boots will always trump an entire outfit of trendy and expensive clothing. If you invest in these two staples you can get away with much cheaper jeans and sweaters. While it’s great to invest in basic pieces, sometimes our budgets don’t allow for such investments. By dressing unselfconsciously we can be fashionable while still maintaining a sense of stylish luxury. All hail the new hipster, a simpler quieter stylish fashionista.
These totes are so busy I can't figure out where they would work

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