Monday, April 14, 2014

Have You Ever Used a Spreadsheet to Plan Your Outfits?

Pinterest is cool, but what do you do if you don't have all these pieces?

I’ve been super remiss in not writing a blog for the past week. One thing led to another and I just couldn’t find anything interesting to write about. Not that today is any different, I just found that I could write about my weird behavior and others might be able to relate. When we’re being weird sometimes our weirdness will make sense to others who have also had the same thoughts. No I haven’t been planning murders, but over the weekend I created a spreadsheet to plan my outfits.


I'm not so weird, I found someone else's spreadsheet on the internet
Now you’re probably thinking that I’m bordering on obsessive compulsive behavior but I found that putting everything on a spreadsheet helped me to understand what is in my closet. I tried writing down outfits on a piece of paper but I got kind of lost. I tried thinking up outfits on Pinterest but I also got lost. It’s not so easy to find the pieces and things got confusing when they are just residing in my head. I have no imagination for using individual pieces.


More cute stuff on Pinterest, still looking for some of these pieces
So I resorted to a spreadsheet because I once saw a chart back in high school that illustrated how some basic pieces could be worn with each other. I did the same thing with jackets on top and listing the remaining basics that would go with each underneath. Example, black linen blazer goes with butter rum slacks and wheat colored silk shell. I then added possible shoes and accessories. It is astounding how many different outfits I can create with just a few pieces.


Good idea but you have to spread the clothes out all over the house
I also changed the jackets around. Take away black linen blazer and add beige leather jacket and then you can go light accessories and viola, a whole different outfit using the same slacks and shirt. I like to play these games with my outfits. It helps me to get the most bang for my buck when I can switch things around with just a few new accessories. It also helps to get the creative juices flowing which have been in short supply this past week. Maybe this spreadsheet was perfect for eliminating my writer’s block. We’ll see.
Another good idea but not sure if I have all these pieces

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